Previously, there has not been a page on the web dedicated to those wonderful sailboats made by our friends at Allied Boat Company. Allied Boat Company was formed in 1962 in Catskill, New York. The first boat produced was the Seawind, a 30 foot cruising ketch. One of these first Seawinds, Apogee, was the first sailboat with a fiberglass hull to circumnavigate the globe under the skillful command of Alan Eddy, who wrote a short book about his experience. From the Seawind on, Allied constructed some of the the most heavily-built cruising sailboats ever made. Robin Lee Graham, then the youngest person to circumnavigate, finished the trip in a Luders 33, Dove. Unfortunately, Allied was always under poor management, and it went bankrupt five times. In 1975, Allied went out of business (curiously, with 22 orders unfulfilled!) and was bought out by Wright Yacht Company. After Wright went out of business in 1977, International Cruising Yachts became the new owner. International, in turn, went out of business in 1979 and CFG Yachts took over until 1980 when a group of former managers got together and formed Allied again. This joint effort unfortunately fared no better, as in the summer of 1981, it went out of business for good. You can view the remnants of the company in the Molds section under Extras.

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